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From soft-launching to user acquisition, down-the-funnel monetization & more!

How AppOnboard and Full-Fidelity Demos Can Help

Since AppOnboard's Full-Fidelity Demos are accurate depictions of apps, they can be used in a variety of ways to help increase app revenue.

Acquire Higher-Quality Users

Developers are seeing higher retention from AppOnboard-delivered users and overall return of ad spend (ROAS), ranging from 200-850%.

Monetize Your App

Monetize your app with the highest quality product on the market and receive industry-leading eCPMs that are even higher than mobile video.

Generate Product Insights

With its Chronological Heat Maps, AppOnboard not only delivers you high-quality users but also aggregated user feedback data.

Soft-Launch Your App

Full-Fidelity Demos are easily customizable and feature heat map capabilities, making them ripe tools for soft-launching your next app or game.

Optimize Tutorial & Onboarding

Since users are often times completing tutorials or earning virtual currency in Full-Fidelity Demos, we can help personalize and optimize your app's onboarding.

Cross-Promote Your Titles

Full-Fidelity Demos allow users to “try before they install” and are proven to drive higher conversion rates when it comes to cross-promotion.

Use Case Spotlight: "Rewarded Demo" Monetization

AppOnboard has worked with top developers to integrate Full-Fidelity Demos in "Rewarded Demo" zones, where users play demos to earn virtual currency or unlock rewards.

Rewarded Demo Case Study: Animoca Brands' Crazy Kings

The first-to-market “Rewarded Demo Zone” was integrated into Animoca Brands’ popular tower defense game, Crazy Kings, and led to a 2.6x increase in publisher revenue.

Global Publishers Monetize with AppOnboard

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