If you work in the mobile marketing space, you’ve probably heard about these things called playable ads. We’ve previously covered the reasons for their explosive growth, and recently, it was found that 71% of mobile app marketers actually found them effective (Source: MobileMarketer).

This “try before you buy (or more specifically, install)” mentality has picked up even more steam recently with Google’s announcement that it would be opening its “Instant Apps” to all developers on the Play Store. Google’s Instant Apps allows users to immediately try out an app without having to install it first (a “Try Now” button will appear on the app’s Google Play Store page).

With the space heating up, there have been two main approaches when it comes to creating these interactive ad experiences: HTML5 playable ads and native demos. Both have their pros and cons, which are highlighted more below:

While there are two sides to every coin, native demos give developers a better chance to showcase their apps and games in the highest quality possible. Since native demos do a better a job at maintaining the original app’s quality, users are more likely to truly understand what the offering is and end up being higher value users (as demonstrated by several of the metrics above).

As developers are given more opportunities to showcase or preview their apps and games before the actual download, the mobile app discovery process will forever be changed. App marketers now have an opportunity to truly engage users and showcase why they should download the advertised app. With the increasing complexities, budgets and file sizes of apps (average app size has increased 1,000% in the past four years, source: SensorTower), app marketers will be looking for tools that make their jobs easier and more effective.

Here at AppOnboard, we are building a demo technology and creation suite to help developers build these interactive, preview experiences. Our vision is that every app should be demoed before downloaded. We take pride in helping developers show off their apps in the highest quality possible, so users get to experience them as they were designed and developed. Check out some of our latest demos in the showcase video below!

To learn more about what we are building, please visit our website: www.AppOnboard.com or e-mail us at contact@apponboard.com.

*Please note the above chart references a recent sample of AppOnboard campaign data.  Actual campaign performance will depend on a variety of factors (e.g. geos, genres, creative versions).