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Indie game studio, Superheart Studios, has seen growing success with its 3D aquarium game, Ocean Reef Life, since launching on iOS in October of last year (we recently covered how it is leveraging AppOnboard’s App Store Demos to gauge Android interest in the game).

While many games formalize a monetization strategy once it reaches scale, Superheart Studios began thinking about monetization opportunities while developing the game. “It’s smart to think about game design and monetization at the same time as fun and positive gameplay experiences and monetization should be connected,” said Paulo Brandao, founder of Superheart Studios.

Integrating Rewarded Demos in the “Bonus” Section of the Game

Superheart Studios has integrated AppOnboard’s demos in a variety of locations throughout the game, including on the main screen of the game and in the virtual store. However, one of the most engaged with monetization zones has been in the Bonus section of Ocean Reef Life.

In this section, users are given wheel spins a few times a day to win virtual currency rewards that can be used to advance further and purchase special marine creatures in the game. Notifications are sent to users when their new wheel spin is ready, driving users back into the game for a spin. In addition to spinning the wheel, users can also play AppOnboard demos to earn pearls or hearts.

Only 1-3% of users on average make in-app purchases and very few non-paying users visit the virtual store of a game,” said Nate Dykstra, Senior Director of Business Development and Developer Growth at AppOnboard. “So we advised Paulo and the Superheart Studios team to integrate zones in other places to maximize user engagement and revenue!”

“Giving users a rewarded mini-game (daily spin) as an engagement feature works great, and it also gives us the perfect place to place a Rewarded Demo zone that gets high visibility,” said Brandao. “We give users a few Pearls, our premium currency, each day for playing demos, then switch to our soft currency rewards (hearts) so they can continue playing demos as much as they want.”

Check Out Ocean Reef Life on Your Mobile Device:

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