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Fumb Games, a London-based indie game studio, launched in 2016 with its first title, Crossbar Challenge ‘17. The sports game featured easy-to-play mechanics and a retro pixel art-style that quickly propelled towards the top of the iOS app charts in Europe (Top 25 across Europe and #1 Sports Game in Finland!). Since then, Fumb Games has released an additional five cross-platform games. In fact, the studio recently announced on its Facebook page that it had reached the 1,000,000 worldwide players milestone.

Crossbar Challenge quickly became a Top 25 free game across Europe!

When thinking about monetization options for its zombie idle-clicker, Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon, Fumb Games founder, Paul West, wanted to focus on providing value to the game’s users when monetizing (full disclosure: Paul recently joined AppOnboard to lead our EMEA efforts, and we are pumped to have him on the team!).

“We opted for rewarded zones as we believe advertising should be an exchange of value. We’ve found players are super happy to engage/re-engage with advertising if they have the freedom of choice and an unique incentive – see our 4.9 star strong store rating,” said West. “By playing a quick game demo in Zombie Labs users can earn virtual currency that helps them evolve their zombies faster.”

Integrating Rewarded Demos as Temporary, Eye-Catching Specials

Fumb Games partnered with AppOnboard to integrate Rewarded Demos in an eye-catching way that would entice users to engage. As users are playing, a flying zombie holding a balloon will travel across the screen.

Upon tapping, users would be prompted to “Play a short game demo and gain 5 Gold Skulls.” Gold Skulls are a premium currency in the game that can be used to purchase things like speed-ups, chests, and other virtual currency (e.g. Brains).

“We frequently advise that developers design and serve a pop-up module after the user presses a Rewarded Demo zone button,” said Nate Dykstra, Senior Director of Business Development and Developer Growth at AppOnboard. “Since interactive formats like demos can be new to some users, having verbiage like ‘Play a short game demo’ can help prepare them for an interactive experience, which then leads to higher engagement, receptiveness, and thus monetization performance for the developer.”

After successfully integrating Rewarded Demos into Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon, Fumb Games is looking to go deeper in its partnership with AppOnboard.

“In addition to further monetization across our titles, we are looking at AppOnboard’s platform as a strategic solution to many of our challenges as a developer,” said West. “We have already launched our ‘Try Now’ button for Zombie Labs through App Store Demos and are exploring using AppOnboard to test out new game concepts and optimize gameplay and onboarding experiences via its heat map technology.”

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