Full-Fidelity Demos

Every app should be demo’d before downloaded

The App is the Ad

Full-Fidelity Demos are true representations of apps and games, empowering quality user acquisition and product testing.

Breadth & Depth of Support

AppOnboard can build a Full-Fidelity Demo for any app, whether 2D, 3D, gaming or non-gaming.

Speed of Creation

Our technology and design platform allows us to seamlessly create Full-Fidelity Demos that accurately represent apps and games in a matter of days.


Our clients have raved that our Full-Fidelity Demos are by far the highest-quality units when compared to other “playables.”


By having users engage with the app or game in its full quality and as it was designed, AppOnboard delivers higher-quality users that are more likely to spend money in your app.

Heat Maps

Play back aggregate user touch data and analyze interactions, providing never-before-seen visual context and product insights.

Built-In Fraud Detection

In combination with algorithmic filters, we use our heat maps to verify fraudulent user activity for advertisers and publishers.

Full-Fidelity Demos vs. Other HTML5 Playables

Full-Fidelity Demos are powered by AppOnboard's proprietary creation platform and mini-game engine, allowing for a greater level of accuracy and interaction.

Check out the side-by-side comparison table (on right) to see how Full-Fidelity Demos compare against other playable ads.


Demo Showcase

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