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Last October, indie game studio, Superheart Studios, released its first game, Ocean Reef Life, on iOS. The game featured 3D aquatic graphics and AR/VR camera modes and quickly became a Top 150 Strategy Game after launching. Now (almost a year after launching on iOS), Superheart Studios is keen on measuring user interest for the game amongst Android users to determine if it should create an Android version of the game.

“The iOS App Store and Google Play Store are very different ecosystems,” said Paulo Brandao, founder of Superheart Studios. “AppOnboard’s App Store Demos is a perfect solution for us as we are able to enable a ‘Try Now’ button on our Google Play Store page and measure user engagement and pre-registration data that will help us decide if making an Android version will be worthwhile for us.”

Superheart Studios initially thought that the game would be less visible on the Google Play Store given that there are 90% more apps and games available compared to the iOS App Store. However, initial engagement with the Ocean Reef Life App Store Demo has been higher than expected. In fact, Superheart Studios is driving over 10K pre-registrations per day thanks to Google Play Instant and AppOnboard’s App Store Demos!

While 3D games can create challenges when making HTML playables, AppOnboard is able to create demos for 3D games at ease through its proprietary technology and builder tool. In fact, AppOnboard and Superheart Studios were able to collaborate, create, and launch the App Store Demo in less than 3 days.

“We tried to show off several of the cool marine creatures and teach the user how to interact with them and the point system of the game (collecting hearts),” said Michael Sabetta, Lead Creative Engineer at AppOnboard. “Our builder is able to replicate the look & feel of the actual app, which is super important for 3D titles like Ocean Reef Life.”

Check out the final App Store Demo below:

What We Love About the Unit:

  • Marketing video elements at the beginning of the demo that highlight the game’s features since this is for pre-registration
  • Features some of the most purchased creatures to-date (on iOS), including the beluga whale, shark, and turtle
  • Teaches users how to engage with the game’s UI/UX in a simplified, interactive manner

The Results:

In addition to the daily volume of pre-registrations the App Store Demo is helping drive, AppOnboard is also working with Superheart Studios to provide user insights that the studio can use once ready to create an Android version of Ocean Reef Life.

“One of the benefits of interactive formats like App Store Demos is that we can help developers see what content users are most interested in (in this case types of marine life),” said Kleon Loh, Sr. Data Analyst at AppOnboard. “We are passing these insights back to Superheart Studios so that it can serve users the most appealing animals and optimize its in-app purchase cost structure for these animals if it decides to launch on Android.”

The Ocean Reef Life App Store Demo is also driving above benchmark performance overall. To-date, it has driven a 42% higher completion rate and 65% higher call-to-action engagement rate when compared to AppOnboard’s benchmarks for App Store Demos. These initial metrics are good signs that the game may find an engaged audience on Android.

We will keep you posted if Superheart Studios decides to release Ocean Reef Life on Android and look forward to sharing more insights from this App Store Demo then!

Try This Week’s App Store Demo For Yourself:

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