Each edition of ‘Try Now’ Tuesday highlights a new App Store Demo built for a top developer. In case you missed it, we officially rolled out App Store Demos on 8/30. Check out the full press release!

Last month, more people searched for the term “meditation app” than ever before. One of the most successful and well-received ones out there is Simple Habit. You probably have heard of or even seen the app before. CEO and Founder, Yunha Kim, pitched the Shark Tank in Fall of 2017, and Simple Habit recently won the 2018 Google Play Award for Best Well-Being App.

Today, we take a look at the App Store Demo we created and launched for Simple Habit (in a matter of hours!).


In August, AppOnboard collaborated with the Simple Habit team to convert their existing Full-Fidelity Demo to an App Store Demo. The Full-Fidelity Demo had already run across AppOnboard’s platform of apps and games, allowing Simple Habit to gain product insights and the opportunity to optimize its demo before uploading it to the Google Play Store.

Check out screenshots of the final App Store Demo below:

What We Love About the Unit:

  • An interactive experience that included user choice (user could choose between “Morning” and “Taking a Break” meditations) within the app’s award-winning UI/UX
  • Users could start and finish a meditation in the unit
  • Strong “5 minute meditations for busy people” branding on End Card

The Results:

The Simple Habit team was impressed that they were able to get their “Try Now” button live so quickly by leveraging AppOnboard’s App Store Demos.

“AppOnboard did an amazing job creating an App Store Demo that is a true representation of our app. With their full support, we were able to launch Google Play Instant App within a few hours,” said Gayoung Park, Growth Lead at Simple Habit.

The demo is not only driving hours of meditations within the Google Play Instant app, it has achieved a 25% higher call-to-action engagement rate when compared to AppOnboard’s benchmarks for App Store Demos!

Try This Week’s App Store Demo For Yourself:

If you are viewing this on your Android device, TAP HERE to check out the “Try Now” experience (App Store Demo) yourself on the Google Play Store! Make sure you have opted-in to Instant Apps in your Google settings. Please Note: If you are using Samsung Browser or Firefox, you may need to go to the Google Play Store directly to access the “Try Now” button.

To learn more on how to get started with App Store Demos (we are currently offering a 30-day free trial), click here!