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Earlier this year, LA-based Mammoth Media, the first and only mobile entertainment network, raised $13 million in Series A funding. The startup already has released 3 major mobile entertainment apps that have been extremely popular amongst millennials: Wishbone (social polling, Yarn (micro-storytelling), and Arena (live trivia battle). These apps have each represented a refreshing take on entertainment in the 21st, mobile-first century.

Yarn, in particular, has been one of Mammoth’s most engaging apps, with a reach of 15 million people and more than 80 million stories read to date. Yarn provides daily narratives through serialized short-form fiction and on average, Yarn users read 4 times a day for 2 minutes at a time.

When Google announced its Google Play Instant program as a “faster way to try apps and games,” Mammoth Media viewed it as a way to further bring its user-first experience to its app store optimization efforts. The startup contacted AppOnboard to help enable Yarn’s “Try Now” button on the Google Play Store through AppOnboard’s new product, App Store Demos.

“Partnering with AppOnboard was super easy and made the process turnkey,” said Jason Hayward, VP of User Acquisition at Mammoth Media. “We are able to feature multiple genres in our App Store Demo, allowing potential Yarn users to get a taste of what interests them instantly on the Google Play Store.”

“We actually ran Yarn as a demo on our ad platform, so we were able to build off that version when creating this App Store Demo,” said Bryan Sanchez, Creative Engineer at AppOnboard. “We kept the most engaging genres in the unit (my personal favorites are Horror and Comedy) and updated the overall look & feel to match the latest branding of the Yarn app. For each genre, we also tried to feature an exciting story snippet and ended each in a way that left the user wanting more, which they could get by downloading the full app.”

Check out the final App Store Demo below:

What We Love About the Unit:

  • Provides user-choice, allowing users to choose from 5 different story genres (Horror, Mystery, Celeb, Romance, Comedy)
  • Features exciting snippets of each story that leaves the user longing for more
  • Showcases even more story genres on the End Card, enticing users to tap to install the full app

“The average Yarn user spends 8 to 10 minutes in the app per day reading various genres and stories. It was important for us to showcase different kinds of stories to capture the widest range of potential installers” said Solene Schwartz, VP of Growth at Mammoth Media. “AppOnboard built an App Store Demo that accomplished this and allowed us to launch our Google Play Instant app faster than we thought possible.”

AppOnboard and Mammoth Media look forward to continuing to work together to take full advantage of Google Play Instant through the use of App Store Demos.

Try This Week’s App Store Demo For Yourself:

If you are viewing this on your Android device, TAP HERE to check out the “Try Now” experience (App Store Demo) yourself on the Google Play Store! Make sure you have opted-in to Instant Apps in your Google settings. Please Note: If you are using Samsung Browser or Firefox, you may need to go to the Google Play Store directly to access the “Try Now” button.

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