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Introducing MLB Champions, the digital collection game that connects to real life baseball games

During the 2018 MLB baseball season, Lucid Sight, a blockchain gaming company, released a beta version of MLB Champions, a digital collection game where players purchase figures and earn rewards as real-life baseball games are played.

The company partnered directly with Major League Baseball (MLB) for the game, and the positive response for the beta drove Lucid Sight to greenlight a new version for the upcoming 2019 season.

To ramp up the excitement, the company wanted to pull off two key promotional activities:

  1. Show off an interactive sample of the game at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March
  2. Make a Google Play Instant app for the game, allowing users to try the game out on the Google Play Store before release

#NoCode software, AppOnboard Studio, helped create an interactive experience Lucid Sight could use to show potential users and investors at GDC 2019

To help accomplish their goals, Lucid Sight partnered with AppOnboard after hearing about AppOnboard Studio, which allows anyone to create playable experiences without writing any code. By using AppOnboard Studio, Lucid Sight was able to create an interactive experience of MLB Champions to show potential users and investors (the company recently announced the closing of a $6 million fundraising round to scale the title and produce more titles).

“We were able to get a high-quality demo presentable to multiple different partners ready both on-time and to a high-fidelity,” said Jason Kokal, Producer at Lucid Sight. “This allowed us to ensure that our products are coming across well to anyone we displayed them to [at GDC].”

Watch what else Jason Kokal had to say about how AppOnboard Studio helped Lucid Sight:

Creating and launching its Google Play Instant app for MLB Champions with AppOnboard Studio

In April, Lucid Sight also leveraged AppOnboard Studio to create and launch a Google Play Instant app for Android users. This enabled a “Try Now” button on the game’s Google Play Store page, and users could also “Pre-Register” to get future updates about MLB Champions, including getting notified when the full game is released.

Check out the MLB Champions Instant App LIVE on the Google Play store below!

Drag-and-drop functionality and #NoCode creative features lead to intuitive user experience

Lucid Sight was one of the first enterprise customers to get their hands on AppOnboard Studio, and the company was impressed with the customer support and in-person training sessions that were provided as part of the onboarding process.

In addition, AppOnboard Studio’s intuitive functionality and UX made the tool very appealing to Lucid Sight’s internal teams. “It’s very easy to get in, select the items that you need, drag and drop them and see the immediate result,” said Stephen Townsend, Senior Producer and Studio Manager at Lucid Sight. “It’s simple, very intuitive…it’s very much like one of those tools that you want to show other people.”

Watch what else Stephen Townsend said about AppOnboard Studio and which features he enjoyed the most:

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