Each edition of ‘Try Now’ Tuesday highlights a new App Store Demo built for a top developer. In case you missed it, we officially rolled out App Store Demos on 8/30. Check out the full press release!

Huuuge Games launched in late 2015 into social casino games and has quickly become a global leader in the space. The company reported $150 million in revenues last year and more recently launched a new publishing arm, Tap Tap Games, as its foray into the casual gaming market.

This week’s #TryNowTuesday highlights the App Store Demo we created for Huuuge Games’ hit slots title, Billionaire Casino™ Slots 777, which is currently a Top 10 casino app on the Google Play Store!


Earlier this year, Huuuge Games began to leverage AppOnboard’s Full-Fidelity Demos to acquire new users for its suite of casino & slot titles. When Google announced it would be expanding its Google Play Instant program to all Android developers in May, Huuuge took immediate notice and expressed interest in expanding its partnership with AppOnboard to quickly enable its “Try Now” buttons on the Google Play Store via App Store Demos.

“Offering a unique and distinctive Huuuge experience is the fundamental reason behind our growth and success,” said Anton Gauffin, CEO at Huuuge Games. “Demonstrating this experience to our potential new players has been a challenge, but now with Google Play Instant and working together with AppOnboard we are taking things to a whole new level.”

The first collaboration? Billionaire Casino™ Slots, Huuuge’s hit slots game. AppOnboard’s creative engineering team quickly got to work. Since AppOnboard had run a Full-Fidelity Demo for the game already as a user acquisition campaign, it was able to leverage findings from that campaign when creating the App Store Demo.

“Since it ran on our platform previously, we were able to build upon what we had in order to better replicate the actual gameplay experience,” said Justin Leon, Creative Engineer at AppOnboard. “We optimized call-to-action placement and text and made sure to keep the free play element to maximize user engagement.”

Check out the final App Store Demo below:

What We Love About the Unit:

  • Completely free play, users can change their bet amounts ($1M, $5M, $10M) as many times as they want before each spin
  • Randomized outcomes lead to different experiences each time
  • Users always receive a “Big Win” on the last spin, featuring an engaging ending sequence to the demo experience

The Results:

The Billionaire Casino™ Slots App Store Demo has averaged the 2nd longest average time spent (users are spending over 109 seconds in the demo). In addition, it has been one of the highest performing App Store Demos to-date, averaging a 33% higher completion rate and a 40% higher call-to-action engagement rate when compared to AppOnboard’s benchmarks for App Store Demos.

What’s even more impressive is that users are replaying the demo at a frequent rate!

“We’ve consistently found that there is a higher correlation between user choice and replayability,” said Kleon Loh, Sr. Data Analyst at AppOnboard. “This demo supports our previous findings as users are replaying it nearly 2 times on average.”

“AppOnboard’s technology recreates our game authentically while being incredibly fast to market, and we are very excited to continue building our partnership moving forward!” said Anton Gauffin, CEO at Huuuge Games.

Try This Week’s App Store Demo For Yourself:

If you are viewing this on your Android device, TAP HERE to check out the “Try Now” experience (App Store Demo) yourself on the Google Play Store! Make sure you have opted-in to Instant Apps in your Google settings. Please Note: If you are using Samsung Browser or Firefox, you may need to go to the Google Play Store directly to access the “Try Now” button.

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