Each edition of ‘Try Now’ Tuesday highlights a new App Store Demo built for a top developer. In case you missed it, we officially rolled out App Store Demos on 8/30. Check out the full press release!


At the end of last month, MARVEL Strike Force, a hit Mobile Squad Based Superhero game from FoxNext, partnered with AppOnboard to enable its “Try Now” button on the Google Play Store. The game has been successful in monetizing its users and recently reached #1 on the Top Grossing chart on Google Play. It has also amassed 5 million downloads to-date. FoxNext was eager to enable its Google Play Instant app to convert interested users at an even higher rate on the storefront and contacted AppOnboard to help increase its speed to market.

“MARVEL has been and is one of the biggest brands on Earth,” said Michael Sabetta, Lead Creative Engineer, who took lead in the App Store Demo’s creation. “I was honored to work on the demo and tried to feature several recognizable Super Heroes, including Deadpool, who does one of my favorite moves in the demo.”

Check out the final App Store Demo below:

What We Love About the Unit:

  • High-quality 3D, cinematic graphics
  • Features popular MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man
  • Throughout the demo, users can try different Super Heroes and Super Villains and use their superpowers

The Results:

To-date the MARVEL Strike Force App Store Demo has been delivered to 200+ countries around the globe, and users are spending over 82 seconds in each demo session!

“The Google Play Instant program is great because it prequalifies players and lets them try a game to see if it is up their alley,” said Sebastian Kriese, Vice President, Platform Relations at FoxNext Games.

“We at FoxNext Games were impressed by the 3D quality our App Store Demo was able to achieve, and we launched our ‘Try Now’ button much faster thanks to the help of AppOnboard.”

Try This Week’s App Store Demo For Yourself:

If you are viewing this on your Android device, TAP HERE to check out the “Try Now” experience (App Store Demo) yourself on the Google Play Store! Make sure you have opted-in to Instant Apps in your Google settings. Please Note: If you are using Samsung Browser or Firefox, you may need to go to the Google Play Store directly to access the “Try Now” button.

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