Today’s fragmented mobile ecosystem is rapidly evolving as apps & brands battle to capture consumers’ attention. They compete in real time to provide utility and value and generate engagement. As we all know, social media is taking a huge chunk of consumers’ time and attention away from brands.

AppOnboard is providing consumers, professional-creatives, non-creatives and really anyone who has a mobile device, a real reason to engage with their device. AppOnboard’s design and development software enables anyone to turn an idea, whether simple or complex, into reality.

AppOnboard’s #nocode software solutions for mobile simplify what was once so complex by eliminating the technical barriers of bringing creative ideas for interactive ads, instant apps, prototypes and even full apps and games to life.

We’re forever changing the way creative content is built, discovered and distributed. I look at what AppOnboard solves in the same way I look at a talented film maker who remains undiscovered. They might have a ground breaking idea for a one of a kind feature film, however, they lack the monetary means, and or technical ability to execute on their vision and share it with the world. We’re eliminating those obstacles!

AppOnboard enables the mom-and-pop shop (without technical expertise) who’s trying to promote their business with an app, to do so easily, and cost effectively, without writing a single line of code.

Additionally, our tech enables brands to create interactive ads within hours and at scale, something that has been unimaginable in interactive ad creation previously. With interactive ads outperforming other formats three to one, we feel that we are providing brands a significant tool to upgrade their creative shed.

We pride ourselves in being a ubiquitous platform that allows anyone to become their own Creative Director. We’re here to give you the keys to the castle, so you can bring your ideas to life in your own vision.

Whether you’re the major university expanding your mobile software learning program to your students, the baby boomer, the top creative agency or the major enterprise business, we’re here to break the mold on how your creative is designed, built, distributed, and experienced.

I am extremely excited to be at the forefront of this movement while making many brand friends in the meantime. After all, we’re driving app discoverability, saving brands money and improving creative teams’ bandwidth. At the same time, we’re allowing anyone to create, which we feel will drive more immersive and memorable outcomes.

Our company expansion into the New York market has been in the making for some time and we couldn’t be more excited as we’re seeing our message resonate across agencies and brands alike.